Frequently Asked Questions

How long has FPM been in business?

Freeplay Music was started by "NFL On Fox" Theme Co-Composer/Producer, Scott Schreer in 2001.

Is any of the music on FPM free? 

Yes. True to our name - all of the tracks in the Freeplay Music library are available to download for free in the following specific circumstances:

Youtube: All Freeplay Music tracks are available for free use on Youtube for PERSONAL USE, however Freeplay Music and YouTube retain the right to insert ads in any manner on, before, or otherwise connected to your video when posted on YouTube or any other YouTube-based platform. Businesses need to purchase a YouTube license for business. 

Education: All Freeplay Music tracks are available for free for use in the classroom & class projects.

National Television Broadcast: All Freeplay Music tracks are available for free for qualifying Network Broadcasters.

All other uses of Freeplay's music requires the PURCHASE of a license.   

What type of license do I need and how much will it cost?

If you're unsure of what type of license your project requires, please use the "License Assistant". For general information on pricing, please visit the "Pricing" section of the website.  If you have any questions about licensing, contact us:   

How can I obtain a license?

Our automated licensing system will walk you through the process and will work for 99% of licenses.  If you need to obtain multiple licenses over months or years, consider getting a "blanket license" so that you can have access to the entire library.  Please contact us for more information.

Why are National Network Broadcasters offered free use of your music?

Free "synch and master rights" are offered to National Network Broadcasters in exchange for them sending us their music cue sheet because these networks pay annual licensing fees to Performance Rights Organizations (PROs). The PROs in turn pay Freeplay Music performance royalties as determined from cue sheets (a report of the music used in a TV broadcast) that are submitted by the broadcaster to the PROs. In other words, we get paid based on how the track is used on television. These terms only apply from Network Broadcasts that originate in the United States. Foreign or overseas broadcast must obtain a license. Please see our complete TOU or call to see if you qualify.

What is a cue sheet?

A cue sheet is a document prepared by a producer that reports all music used in a TV broadcast production. Cue sheets typically list (in the order in which they are broadcast) the individual songs that were used in a production, their composers, publishers, the amount of time each song was played, and the way they were used (background, opening theme, etc). Once prepared, cue sheets are then submitted to Performing Rights Organizations (PROs) which pay royalties to the entitled composers and publishers listed on the cue sheet.  

I am a composer/songwriter and I am interested in having my music on the FPM website. How can I submit my music?

Freeplay Music thrives on submissions and we'd love to give you a chance to be a part of the FPM library! We value your creativity and we look for high quality and salability in our music, So, if you've got what it takes - Please click here to submit music, we will get back to you if we think your music is a fit!  If you have any questions about submitting music, please contact:

I'm a composer who has music in the Freeplay Music library.  When do I get paid?

Freeplay pays its composers 50% of applicable licensing income on a quarterly basis.  All revenue generated by royalties are the responsibility of the composers' Performance Rights Organization.