How it Works

First of all, Freeplay Music is a music library... That means you can license a song to use it for your video, project, advertisement, business presentation, movie blockbuster, video game, YouTube kitty cat fashion show - our licenses cover pretty much anything you can think of doing with our music! [read our Terms Of Use]
We have free licenses for YouTube (personal use only), National TV use (qualifying broadcasters in the USA only), some educational uses and some student film uses. We want the process of using our music to be as easy and valuable for you as possible. Any other use will be a PAID use of our music. We try to keep the prices and terms as inexpensive and as easy to manage as possible. We have an automated license system and a license assistant to help you with your questions. 24/7 you can get the music you want. 
Whether you pay for the license or if it's free, you will get a music license emailed to you with any limitations and important information about what you can and cannot do legally. 
So, enjoy the music and thank you so much for coming to Freeplay Music!
The Freeplay Music Team!