MC Lehar-Sachs-Mandel The Merry Widow

Date: Jan 30, 2013
Artist : Freeplay Music
Label : Master Classics
Composers: Arranged By: Leonard Handler, BMI(100.00%)
Publishers: Freeplaymusic, BMI(50.00%)
Pleasantville Music Publishing, BMI(50.00%)

Description: Another early 20th Century operetta, Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow was originally in German, but the English adaptation that debuted on Broadway in 1907 was a great success. Full of playful energy, these songs feature spectacular vocal work that has serious musicality and mostly comical lyrics. Check out Lehar, Sachs and Mandel's The Merry Widow to see why this operetta was such a hit, and why it continues to be revived.

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